-professional organic fertiliser manufacturer-

BIO LOF SDN BHD is a BIO GREEN technology company in Malaysia that specializes in organic fertiliser manufacturing. We take pride in our commitments in manufacturing excellence and quality product.

BIO LOF manufactures Environment Friendly Organic Fertiliser.

"Let’s Talk Green, Lets Choose BIO LOF SDN BHD"

Why Us?

Promotes Soil Balancing Effect

  • Lead to balance of soil pH
  • ONLY through the use of a superior organic fertiliser that this state can be achieved.

Soil Conditioner

  • Re-condition soil to become loose and friable
  • Good tilth – more vigorous and profuse growth of root hairs as well as deeper and wider root zone of the plants.


  • A material that can absorb water almost three times its weight
  • More moisture
  • Humid acid (Synthetic humic acid is expensive)

Cost Benefit

  • 25 beneficial microbes which functional to enhance nutrients assimilation
  • Transform the insoluble inorganic elements into metabolites or easily assimilated nutrients
  • Breakdown and transform chemical fertilisers to available and assimilable forms
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