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BIO LOF ORGANIC FERTILISER is a premium fertiliser that is rich in beneficial micro-organisms (BM) that are essential for healthy soil and root growth. On top of that, BM facilitates the uptake of macro and micro element in the fertiliser, to make sure a steady supply of nutrients to the crops. The product guarantees safe ingredients for household usage and long-term usage that ensures rehabilitation of problematic soil.

Applicant to : vegetables, flowers, ornaments, and all leafy crops.

Availaible in 2kg packs and 50kg packs.


BIO LOF ORGANIC FORTIFIED FERTILISER is a promising result of over 40 years of meticulously planned research and technical development. Using 25 types of super strain beneficial micro-organism, the state-of-art composting technology produces fortified fertiliser that binds chemical elements with beneficial micro-organism in organic matter. As such, all inorganic elements will be converted into a stable metabolite form which will be ready for plant intake.

With this formulation, microbial activities in soil can be increased, reviving chemically damaged soil into its natural form and thus, maximizing of potential yield of crops.

Applicant to : oil palm, and all fruiting trees.

Available in 2kg packs and 50kg packs.

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